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The Best Boxed Lunch Catering For Your Next Event

Forget packing a paper bag lunch or shelling out a fortune on takeout for your whole staff. Boxed lunches are the perfect option for business events such as office meetings, working lunches, trainings, conferences, and other special occasions. They are an efficient way to feed large or small groups of people without sacrificing quality or satisfaction. 

Delicious and Personalized Meals

MKE Lunch goes beyond the old sandwich and side combo. Our gourmet boxed lunch dishes are creative, flavorful, satisfying, and made with the freshest ingredients. Individuals can customize their meals and we are prepared to make dietary accommodations, offering plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. There’s something for everyone at MKE Lunch!

Time Efficient Catering

The secret to a productive lunch meeting is organization. Buffet-style catering events can eat up crucial time as employees wait in line, select their food, chat, and finish their meals at different times. With boxed lunch catering, everything is prepared beforehand and easy to distribute. That way, you can capitalize on the time you have to get through your agenda. Boxed lunches also save space and offer the flexibility of grab and go.

Reliable Ordering & Delivery

You have enough to worry about when organizing your business event. With MKE Lunch, ordering lunch online for your next event takes only moments. Our menu items are available for delivery 24 hours a day. All you have to do is make sure you get your order in by 10 pm the day before and your order will arrive on time for your event.

Increase Morale

No one likes to sit through a meeting while they’re hungry. A delicious and fulfilling meal boosts mood and creates a positive environment so you and your staff can focus on your agenda. 

Boxed Lunch Done Right at MKE Lunch

There’s no better place to go for a satisfying and convenient lunch than MKE Lunch! Give your staff the delicious lunch experience they deserve by placing an order at

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