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The Best Boxed Lunch Restaurants in Milwaukee

Lunch only comes once a day, so it’s important that you get it right every time. You want something you enjoy eating, yes, but it’s also good to switch it up every once in a while. What if we told you there was a place that’s home to several delicious boxed lunch restaurants all varying in type of food, prices, and flavor? Well, we’re delighted to tell you that place is MKE Lunch! Check out our list of the best boxed lunch restaurants in Milwaukee.

My Oh My, Miss Merry Mac

It’s no surprise that mac & cheese would be on this list, this is Wisconsin after all! Miss Merry Mac is the perfect option for anyone looking for something savory to satisfy their lunchtime cravings. Not only do they offer classic mac & cheese, but their specialty mac & cheeses are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Treat yourself and all of your friends to a lunch you won’t forget with this delicious boxed lunch restaurant!

A Pig-ture Perfect Meal

The Three Legged Pig is the only place to get the full BBQ boxed lunch experience. They offer a variety of dishes such as pulled pork sandwiches, pulled chicken sandwiches, and even pulled jackfruit sandwiches! Make your boxed lunch truly righteous by pairing it with a side of their signature cornbread.

The Fresh Way to Go

We know what you’re thinking, “how is it possible for something to be so healthy yet so delicious?” Our answer to that question is Fresh Harvest Company. This kick-butt boxed lunch joint is the only proof you need that food can be just as good for you as it is just plain great! May we recommend one of their impeccably delicious paninis? There are over a dozen to choose from. The best type of food out there is the kind that pleases both the body and the soul. 

Suburban Flavors & Suburban Smiles

The Suburban Bourbon is home to the best boxed lunch comfort food that Milwaukee has to offer! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of unique flavor options available for purchase. Just to mention a few: Pecan crusted salmon, pork shoulder dinner, and the frontrunner… BACON. WRAPPED. MEATLOAF. Yeah, they have that. Never settle for greasy fast food when you can order a legendary boxed lunch from The Suburban Bourbon.

Boxed Lunch Done Right at MKE Lunch

There’s no better place to go for a satisfying lunch than MKE Lunch! You’ll never be strapped for choices with all of the different restaurants that call MKE Lunch home. Begin your flavor journey today by placing an order at