best pulled pork

The Best Pulled Pork In Milwaukee!

Pulled pork. It rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? There’s nothing better than spending your lunch time relaxing in your backyard on a beautiful day, while enjoying the best pulled pork that Milwaukee has to offer. 

Lucky for you, The Three Legged Pig and MKE Lunch is here to deliver some great food and good times straight to your front door. Treat yourself to a great lunch, and submit to your tastiest pulled pork fantasies and desires…

Pulled Pork By The Pound

It’s hard to beat a classic. That’s why it’s no surprise that the most popular dish at The Three Legged Pig is their classic pulled pork! This mouth-watering dish is sure to satisfy any craving, no matter how intense. 

The best part? You can order their pulled pork by the pound through their online menu. Buy enough to feed all your friends and family at the annual barbecue. However, this meal option isn’t just great for big events…get some barbecue and enjoy a night in with some of your best buds. To top it all off, you’ll have leftovers for days!

Delicious Pulled Pork Sandwiches In The Palm Of Your Hand

Looking for something a little less messy? The Three Legged Pig can help with that. Ditch the utensils and grab ahold of their extremely popular pulled pork sandwich! This delectable delight is a great option for those who are looking for a more convenient way to enjoy their lunch on the go. 

But that’s not all this dish has to offer. Complete this great-tasting sandwich by adding your choice of barbecue sauce into the mix. All of their sauces are hand-picked, uniquely excellent, and devilishly delicious. 

Pulled Pork Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried!

Are you a Milwaukee resident looking to treat you and your family to a lunch they won’t forget? MKE Lunch can help with that. Pulled pork is just one among many incredible meal options that The Three Legged Pig has to offer. Don’t believe us? Order today and try it for yourself!