Why You Should Fundraise with Food

Why You Should Fundraise with Food

Fundraisers help the community, so why not bring people together by incorporating the thing that everyone loves – Food! It’s commonly known that food is the universal language that can bring people together for a common cause. I mean who doesn’t love food? Plus people may be more likely to help fundraise if they know great food will be offered at your event. Still unsure? Let’s deep dive into why you should fundraise with food and how it could actually benefit your fundraiser. 

Creates Community

It’s simple, food brings people together! What better way to raise money than by offering delicious food? Your guest can mix, mingle, and raise money for your cause all while eating great food. If your fundraising event is open to the public you can encourage more people to come by offering tasty food as an incentive. A bonus is that the more people that come to your fundraiser could mean more money being raised for your cause. It’s a win-win situation!


If people are giving to others, why not give back to them. Treat your guests with delicious food and see how it can impact their day. Not only will they feel appreciated, but that could encourage others to give back in other ways. Sometimes seeing others do good can influence others to do the same. A simple act of offering food for your fundraiser can do more than you could imagine. 


Fundraiser events can last hours so providing your guest with delicious, catered food can help prevent people from having to leave. Additionally, if you’re running the event, you likely won’t have time to leave and have a meal, so having catering services delivered right to you can be incredibly convenient for everyone. Focus on fundraising for your cause and let us handle the rest at MKE Lunch.  


A multitude of guests means a multitude of different food preferences. That is why we encourage people to cater different food options for their event. At MKE Lunch we offer a variety of different lunch, breakfast, and dinner options perfect to cater to your needs. Whether you want pulled pork chicken sandwich box lunches, breakfast burritos, or different assortments of mac n cheese options, we have it all.

With the combination of community, reward, time, and variety, you’re on your way to hosting a successful fundraiser. More importantly, if you’re currently looking for a great option for food catering services for your fundraiser you can try MKE Lunch and our 5 catering food services. 

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