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Fresh Harvest by MKE Lunch: The Five-Star Catering Choice for the 2024 RNC Convention in Milwaukee

As Milwaukee proudly prepares to host the 2024 RNC Convention, the spotlight is on Fresh Harvest by MKE Lunch, a catering service that’s been delighting the city with its exceptional offerings. With hundreds of five-star reviews to its name, Fresh Harvest stands out as the premier choice for convention-goers seeking quality, variety, and individualized meal options. 

A Reputation Built on Excellence

Fresh Harvest’s commitment to excellence is evident in the glowing reviews from satisfied customers. These five-star testimonials speak volumes about the quality of food, the attention to detail, and the unparalleled service that Fresh Harvest provides. As RNC delegates converge on Milwaukee, they can anticipate this same level of acclaimed dining experience at their meetings and events.

Individually Portioned, Universally Enjoyed

Understanding the dynamic atmosphere of the 2024 RNC Convention, Fresh Harvest offers individually portioned meals that not only cater to convenience but also ensure safety and hygiene. Each attendee can savor their personalized meal, crafted to meet their dietary preferences and restrictions, without the concerns that often accompany traditional buffet-style catering.

A Menu as Diverse as the RNC Audience

The RNC will draw a diverse crowd with varied tastes and dietary needs. Fresh Harvest is well-equipped to meet this challenge, offering a spectrum of culinary choices that celebrate both local Milwaukee flavors and international cuisine. Whether it’s heart-healthy options, gluten-free dishes, or vegetarian delights, Fresh Harvest’s menu is designed to please every palate.

Catering to Every Dietary Need

At Fresh Harvest, we understand that dietary needs are as individual as the delegates themselves. Our menu includes a variety of options to accommodate special diets, ensuring that every guest can dine with peace of mind. From low-carb and keto-friendly selections to vegan and allergy-sensitive dishes, our goal is to provide delicious and inclusive meal options for all.

The Fresh Harvest Promise

With Fresh Harvest, you’re not just getting a meal; you’re getting a dining experience that’s been meticulously planned and prepared with the freshest ingredients. Our promise is to deliver a catering service that enhances your RNC experience, providing nourishment, variety, and a taste of Milwaukee’s hospitality.


As the RNC 2024 approaches, Fresh Harvest by MKE Lunch is ready to serve as your catering partner, promising a five-star experience with every meal. With our individually portioned orders and a menu that caters to all, we are poised to make your convention dining convenient, safe, and exceptionally satisfying. Choose Fresh Harvest for your RNC catering needs and taste the difference that hundreds of satisfied customers talk about.