The Ultimate Office Party Catering Experience with MKE Lunch

The Ultimate Office Party Catering Experience with MKE Lunch

With diverse tastes and dietary preferences, finding a catering service that accommodates everyone’s needs can seem like an impossible feat. But fear not! If you’re in the Milwaukee area, there’s one name that stands out for its exceptional office party catering services: MKE Lunch

With a delectable range of offerings from various menus, MKE Lunch has perfected the art of office party catering. In this blog, we’ll dive into our options that your entire workplace can enjoy during your next event!

Fresh Harvest: A Celebration of Freshness

For the health-conscious individuals in your office, Fresh Harvest is a culinary oasis. Specializing in salads, wraps, paninis, and more, this option focuses on the freshest local ingredients to create vibrant and nutritious meals. Plus, with MKE Lunch’s commitment to accommodating dietary restrictions, vegan and vegetarian options are always available.

Miss Merry Mac: Comfort Food Bliss

When it’s time to satisfy those comfort food cravings, Miss Merry Mac takes center stage. Our famous mac n’ cheese varieties, ranging from classic to inventive chili mac, are a hit with everyone. Whether you’re a meat lover or a devoted vegetarian, MKE Lunch ensures that your office party experience will be nothing short of delightful.

Three Legged Pig: Southern BBQ Extravaganza

For fans of mouthwatering, smoky goodness, Three Legged Pig is a BBQ haven. Bringing authentic southern flavors to your office party, this option offers a tantalizing array of meals, from tender pulled pork and BBQ ribs to savory pulled jackfruit. You’ll be dying to dig in.

Suburban Bourbon: Classic American Fare

Suburban Bourbon takes you on a journey through the classic tastes of America. With our diverse menu featuring everything from bacon-wrapped meatloaf to fresh seafood dishes, this option ensures that your office party catering experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

Early Bird Catering: Breakfast Options Galore

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Early Bird Catering takes it seriously! Whether you’re hosting an early morning office event or just want to treat your team to a breakfast feast, Early Bird Catering has you covered. From classic breakfast sandwiches and paninis to fresh fruit and yogurt, you can kickstart your office party with a delicious morning spread.

When it comes to office party catering, MKE Lunch truly stands out. Our commitment to local, fresh, and delicious meals, along with our flexibility in catering to dietary restrictions, ensures that everyone leaves the table with smiles and satisfied taste buds. 

When it comes to office party catering in Milwaukee, MKE Lunch has you covered!